From Primary To Secondary

During the summer break Imagineers who are making the “leap” from primary school to secondary school met up to discuss the transition.

The purpose of the session was to get the children to think about the skills and qualities they have learned at primary school and what they will be talking with them into secondary school.

It also allowed them to discuss ways that the school make them feel welcome and talk about any worries they wanted to share about starting secondary.

“We made cool frog hats, jumped across Lillie pads thinking about what we are looking forward to and worried about going to Northfield, and thinking about how some things in primary that we will take to Northfield”

“It was fun being frogs, we spoke about going to academy, skills and qualities we will bring with us to academy.”

“It was good when we wrote down our worries on Lillie pads, I liked scrunching them up because it was therapeutic.”

“I liked that we all took part in the activity today. It was fun when we played together at the park.”

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