Places Where We Learn

The purpose of this session was to get the children to consider the places and spaces within their communities where they learn, and think about what sort of things they can learn there.

The children showed that both indoor and outdoor spaces are important for them to learn, and identified people who are important in their lives and how they help them to do their best. And what gets in the way of this.

How do adults help children do their best?

“They help us to learn and read.”
“By talking to us.”
“Help us to do stuff.”
“Let them play games if they have been chucked out of other games and help each other.”

In the community what gets in the way of a child being able to do their best?

“Parents being drunk”
“Dogs running after you and trying to eat you alive”
“People interrupting us.”
“People shouting, being rude or being a nuisance.”
“Risky people.”
“People who are drunk, because they don’t listen.”


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