Looking at learning: what helps us and what hinders our learning?

This week at Riverbank we were making learnometers.

‘A learnometer is a thing to show how we learn and what makes it difficult.’

– Wes and Daniels

On one side of the board we wrote what helped us to learn and on the other side we wrote down things which got in the way of learning.

Some of the ideas we came up with include:

‘Don’t distract people while they’re working or laugh at them.’

– Megan

‘I learned lots of different ways of listening.’

– Pyper

I learnt ‘how to fix a (drawing) mistake I made.’

– Dimi

Hopefully these are something we can refer back to if we need a reminder of tools we have to help us learn and to decrease distractions.

One thought on “Looking at learning: what helps us and what hinders our learning?”

  1. Fidget spinners are a distraction and a help.
    Some people can see the learnometers and change their behaviour.
    Learnometers help you if a distraction is near and you want to go away from it you can just see it in the learnometer if it’s one of your distractions.

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