Praise Poems and Myself as a Learner Take 2

In our final week at Bramble Brae we presented the children with the Praise Poems which they helped to create and revisited Myself as a Learner (MALs).

The Praise Poems were extremely popular amongst the kids with one pupil saying:

‘It was really good because it said everything about me as a learner and some things I have to improve in my learning.’

Adam, Bramble Brae P6


Some of the kids felt a bit nervous before their poem was read out but felt encouraged afterwards.

Because we have reached the end of our project, we redid the MALs to see if any of the children felt that their learning had changed since the start of the project.


‘I have learned you can be a very good imagining learner.’

Katie, Bramble Brae P6

‘I am more helpful now I know about Children’s Parliament so I can help people with their learning. Learning Selfies were good because you know what you achieved and what you are trying to do.’

Marcin, Bramble Brae P6


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