Finishing off: Praise Poems and Myself as a Learner

As this was our last week with P5b we finished on a high by reading out our praise poems to each other and revisiting Myself as a Learner (MALs).


Tyler discovered he ‘was happy the class knew what he was kind of like’ and Charlotte went from being nervous to happy and thought that the poem was true about her.


Finally, we redid the MALs to see if we felt any different about ourselves as learners than we did before we started the project.

‘I really, really, really liked it because it was fun and we got to do art and learn what does help us learn and what doesn’t. I learnt that sometimes other things don’t help other people. Sometimes I distract other people.’

Eli, Riverbank P5b

‘Yes. I helped someone today because she was upset and let her play with us.’

Elisha, Riverbank P5b

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