Using our imagination

Children from Tullos, Bramble Brae, Manor Park and Riverbank primary schools came together for the first time at Kaimhill Community together to start preparing for mural week. The 20 children are Imagineers, imagining Aberdeen as a happy, healthy and safe place for children to live. They talked about when they use their imagination and what they day dream about.

‘Watching tennis on the TV helps me imagine. I love Serena Williams and would like to play like her.’ Miriam, Manor Park Primary

‘We use our imagination when we are running and listening to music.’ Demi, Manor Park Primary and Lucy, Bramble Brae

‘When I am in my room I like to sit on my bed with my pets and write songs.’ Gabrielle, Riverbank Primary

When I close my eyes, ‘I imagine being in a jungle of instruments’. Demi, Tullos Primary.

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