Digital Technologies Week 6 – 13th February 2018

In today’s session, we discussed the use of iMovie, the importance of e-Safety and we created an iMovie around the subject of internet safety.


As explained by Beauchamp (2012), “most primary schools will have in place a policy regarding e-safety, but they are likely to reflect official policies and perhaps not the reality of pupils’ lives…”. This statement suggests that many schools are not tailoring their policies around the lives of their current students and more around the government policies. This means that children are being educated more heavily on the sites that they should not be visiting rather than the benefits and dangers of the Internet.

During today’s session, we looked at many of the different social platforms that we as educators are able to use. We can also pass this information on to our future pupils and this will allow us to educate them about staying safe online. We discussed how different situations should be dealt with regards to Internet safety. Children should always seek advice or guidance from a parent or guardian if any problems occur online. Beauchamp (2012) supports this by stating “the most successful schools… in terms of e-safety ensured that pupils knew what to do when things went wrong.”.

The iMovie that myself and my group created was based around the story of Snow White. We created an iMovie trailer in which Snow White believes she is talking to Prince Charming through text messages but it turns out to be the Evil Queen. We are trying to portray that you should never give anyone your details if you have never met them before. The iMovie describes some of the dangers of the Internet and gives an insight into what could happen if you are not safe online.

I have recommended that this task would be aimed at the first level within the Curriculum for Excellence and the experiences and outcomes that I have highlighted are as follows:

  • I can extend my knowledge of how to use digital technology to communicate with others and I am aware of ways to keep safe and secure.  TCH 1-03a.
  • I have the opportunity to choose and explore a range of media and technologies to create images and objects, discovering their effects and suitability for specific tasks. EXA 1-02a

To summarise, I believe that today’s session has given me an amazing opportunity and it has allowed me to deepen my understanding of iMovie. It has also allowed me to gain more knowledge around the topic of Internet safety. I feel that iMovie is something that should be used in all schools as it is something that could be created by the teacher to inform the learners or something that the learners could create to share with their peers. iMovie is a fantastic resource to convey a specific message and to educate the children on a particular topic.


›Beauchamp, G. (2012) ICT in the Primary Classroom: From Pedagogy top Practice. Pearson.


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