Expressive Arts and Culture Week 6

During today’s Expressive Arts and Culture input we had the opportunity to visit Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum in Glasgow.

During our time at Kelvingrove we were given a lot of information around all of the different workshops and activities that are available here, specifically for young people. We also had the opportunity to view the “Dippy on Tour” exhibition. This shows a dinosaur skeleton that is to scale. Dippy is kept in a museum in London but is currently doing a tour around several museums across the United Kingdom. I felt grateful to be able to see a current exhibition that was available for a limited time and I was informed that new exhibitions often change and are kept up to date. This allows visits to the art gallery and museum to be different every time you visit.

While we were exploring the museum and art gallery, we had the task of taking ten images of exhibits and exhibitions around Kelvingrove that connect to a particular theme. We were able to choose our own theme which meant that we were individually searching the museum for different exhibits to our peers. I feel that this was an enjoyable and fun way of exploring the museum. The theme that I decided upon was unity. I thought that everything in the museum is connected and so decided very quickly on this particular theme. While exploring the museum, I took photographs of some of the pieces of art and models from different exhibitions and parts of the museum that I felt connected to my theme of unity.

This first photograph is probably one of the most photographed parts of the museum and I felt that it connected to my theme perfectly. The models show different emotions and feelings however they all must come together in order to make one person. Therefore, conveying unity.

This next photograph shows a model of a father and daughter. Family are all connected and so I thought that this model followed my theme of unity well. Family often have a close bond with each other and from this model, it is clear that this father and daughter share a strong connection.



The next photograph shows animals who have sadly been killed. The exhibition portrays animal hunting and different animals and their origins. This photograph shows that all of the animals have been through the same experience and now all stand together in unity.




An experience and outcome that I feel relates to my experience at Kelvingrove museum and art gallery is as follows:

Through observing and recording from my experiences across the curriculum, I can create images and objects which show my awareness and recognition of detail. EXA 2-04a

In the future, I would love to be able to bring my class to Kelvingrove to participate in some of the many workshops and activities that they have to offer.It is a fantastic way for young people to learn more about expressive arts and other areas of the curriculum while having fun in a new environment.  It was a great experience to visit the art gallery and museum and I will be sure to visit Kelvingrove more frequently to see new and existing exhibits.


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