Expressive Arts and Culture Week 5

During today’s Expressive Arts and Culture workshop we had the opportunity to work within the art studio and create a model of our evocative objects.

We were asked to prepare a concrete poem using 62 words that related to our evocative objects and bring them along to today’s session. This was going to help us with part of our model of our evocative objects. Some of the words that I included within my poem were as follows: family, special, memory and precious. All of the words that were used within the concrete poem must be related to our own specific evocative objects. My concrete poem was drawn in the shape of my Vivienne Westwood necklace which is my evocative object. I decided to write my poem in this shape because I felt it would be the most effective way of achieving a realistic model of my evocative object. It also allowed me to fit all of my 62 words within my poem into the model which helped to portray all of the feelings and emotions that surrounds my evocative object. To create my artwork I used paper, pencil, a fine black liner, grey string and coil. These gave me a simple yet effective model of my necklace and allowed me to portray it how I wished. The model turned out great and I am extremely proud of the work that I put into it. It allowed me to get a sense of how much this object means to me and all of the emotions and connotations of it.

I feel that today’s activity was very insightful and enjoyable. I would love to be able to trial this lesson with young people and evaluate how the lesson could progress into other areas of the curriculum perhaps using different forms of technology to make the models as well as different art materials.

An experience and outcome that relates to the activity carried out during today’s lesson is as follows:

I can create and present work using the visual elements of line, shape, form, colour, tone, pattern and texture. EXA 1-03a




Education Scotland (2004) – Curriculum for Excellence; Experiences and Outcomes [Online] [Accessed on 7th February 2019]

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