Expressive Arts and Culture Week 3

During this week’s Expressive Arts and Culture input we were located in the music studio. We continued to explore music relating to our evocative objects and we also had the opportunity to look at how different pieces of music can make us feel.

The task for today’s workshop was to bring two pieces of music along to the input. One piece of music that related to our evocative objects and one that was a contrast and did not have any connection to the object at all. I decided to select the song “Someone Like You” by Adele as the song that related closely to my evocative object. This song is deeply emotional and a song that I can connect with. I felt that it linked to my evocative object as I connect with my object a lot and it has a lot of different emotions surrounding it. The contrasting piece of music that I selected was the song “Sunshine” by Tieks. This piece of music is extremely upbeat and reminds me of summer. Although, this song connotes happy memories and experiences. It does not remind me of my parents or family and it does not have any emotion connected to it. During the workshop, we all had the opportunity to share the songs that we had selected with the rest of the class. We were able to share our reasons for selecting the songs or we had the choice to let the class guess our reasons for selecting the two different pieces of music. I decided to share my reasons for selecting the songs with the rest of the class. Fleming, M. (2012) describes the importance of music being used in classes through looking at different feelings and emotions that is portrayed in different pieces of music. We achieved this throughout today’s workshop.

Following on from this, we had the opportunity to watch videos that explained the impact that music had on different motion pictures. This described how different motion pictures often have music to allow the audience to feel the emotions and story that they are portraying throughout the motion picture. Before today, I had not given this much thought. But now, I am sure that I will be looking and listening more closely to what music has been selected in different motion pictures and the reasoning behind it.


  • Fleming, M. (2012). The Arts in Education: An introduction to aesthetics, theory and pedagogy. London: Routledge.


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