Digital Technologies Week 7 – 20th February 2018

The topic of today’s session was using and learning about the iStop Motion application on the iPads. We also discussed the importance of embedding animation into education.

Beauchamp (2012, p.54) states that ICT allows pupils to ”achieve something that would be very difficult or even impossible to achieve in any other way.” This statement highlights that ICT contributes to helping learners throughout all areas of the curriculum. It supports them with their learning while giving them a positive and enjoyable experience.

Bertrancourt (2005) suggests three ways in which animation can be used to enhance learning:

1.To enhance learners’ visual representations.

2.To illustrate processes.

3.To provide an interactive element.

Moving Image Education states that, “animation breathes new life into something that wouldn’t normally move.” This coveys a powerful message of the importance of animation within classrooms. It suggests that animation can portray different messages and educate children through the use of technology.

When creating iStop Motion animations, Moving Image Education states that there are 5 main types of animation, these are as follows;

  1. Cutout
  2. Stop Motion – For example, plasticine
  3. Pixillation – Where humans become puppets
  4. Drawn – For example, classic disney
  5. Computer

My partner and I created an iStop Motion scene using a school and a park background. The story consisted of a young girl who had recently moved to the school and she was being treated disrespectfully by another student at the school. The message that we were putting across through the iStop Motion scene was to treat others with respect and to be kind. We decided that this lesson would be aimed at the first level of Curriculum for Excellence. The experience and outcome that we suggested for this lesson are as follows:

  • “I can explore and experiment with digital technologies and can use what I learn to support and enhance my learning in different contexts. TCH 1-01a”


To review, I believe that animation is a powerful form of digital technology and that it should be used more often throughout the classroom. I feel that I have learned a great deal from today’s input and I will carry the knowledge with me throughout my teaching practice. Animation is a fantastic way to engage children as they can create their own stories and scenes using iStop Motion and many other applications. It can allow children to become more creative and work with others to create new and exciting things.


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