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18 May, 11 – 11:45 Live Lesson, Soft Robotics and AI with National Robotarium

Join Engineers from the National Robotarium as they take learners through Soft Robotics and Artificial Intelligence.

Soft Robotics focuses on technologies that more closely resemble the physical characteristics of living organisms, such as a tentacle arm gripper, artificial octopus or a worm. Materials used are unlike the usually materials found in robots, they are ‘soft’ such as, silicone, polymers and liquid crystals.

Soft robotics is being used widely throughout the medical field (surgery, prosthetics and pain management) their movement demonstrates their closeness to humans, animals and plants. A Soft Robotics Engineer will be showing examples and discussing how soft robotics is being used throughout many different industries.

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19 May 11:00 – 11:45 Next Tech Girls Scottish Computing Science Week Event

This is an amazing opportunity for secondary school students around the UK to find out what it means to work in tech and hear from women studying or working in the industry in Scotland. Hosted by Next Tech Girls

“We hope to encourage the students to pursue studies and careers in tech too. They don’t need to be studying Computing/Computer Science now to join the event.

Students won’t need access to computers, just a screen they can all see with the video call on it. They might want paper and pens.

The women speaking at the event will include a Software Developer at Barclays and Computing undergraduate at the University of Glasgow. We will share more information nearer the time.”

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15 May 16:00 – 17:00 Esports Scotland: The Journey into Education

Join Esports Scotland to hear about their journey into education and their future plans.

Over the past 18 months Esports Scotland have been working within education in Scotland. Today’s session will talk about our journey into education and our future plans. -Overview of partnership and Esports projects

-Project wins and hurdles partnerships helped overcome

-Esports Scotland and education

-D&A college and Esports progression

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16 May 19:00, ELC Practitioner Play Along, with Barefoot Computing #CSscot23

Be part of #CSscot23 by joining the Education Scotland Digital Team in a short 30 minute evening ‘Play Along’ session and be introduced to the concepts and approaches of Computational Thinking with Barefoot Computing, through fun, interactive activities.

We use Computational thinking strategies in our everyday lives and may not even realise it! Computational thinking is about learning to solve problems, with or without a computer. These problem-solving skills not only support the computing science curriculum but also play a part in many other areas of the curriculum and our lives, from PE to storytelling, maths and baking! Join us to find out more.

This session is suitable for all practitioners working with early level learners across a variety of settings.

Please have a pen and paper and small piece of playdough/plasticine to hand, to take part in the hands-on activities.

Barefoot resources for early level learners can be accessed here. For more information about Barefoot please watch this short video.

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15 May 19:00, ELC Practitioner Code Along, with Scratch Jnr #CSscot23

Celebrate #CSscot23 with the Education Scotland Digital Team, by joining a short 30 minute evening ‘Code Along’ session to explore the free online block-based coding app Scratch Jnr.


Scratch Jnr provides an introduction for early level learners to experiment with programming their own interactive stories and games through block-based coding, with endless opportunity to problem solve and express themselves creatively.


This session is suitable for all practitioners working with early level learners across a variety of settings.


Please download the app prior to the session and ‘Code Along’ with us.

The app be downloaded here. For more information about Scratch Jnr, please click here.

If possible, it would be more beneficial to join the session on one device so you can watch the demo and ‘code along’ with us on another device that has the Scratch Jnr app downloaded at the same time.


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Tech for helping the planet. Tech She Can assembly recording.

Access an exciting Earth Day assembly recording from Tech She Can and explore how creative technology is solving problems and inventing useful tools to help the planet.

During this session recording, children will explore the role technology plays in helping us to protect our planet and fight climate change. They are also crucially introduced to a variety of green careers within tech that they could potentially pursue in the future.

You can access a recording from the session on 18.04.23 here.

This assembly is aimed at Second level learners but could still be enjoyed by younger and older learners with teacher support. There will be an open-ended and adaptable challenge activity at the end of the session.

Find out more about Tech Che Can with this link: TechSheCan website and you can also explore a variety of short animated lessons here Animated lessons – TechSheCan.


18 May 16:00, Artificial Intelligence – Exploring Opportunities for Scottish Educators #CSscot23

Join Education Scotland for a short session exploring Artificial Intelligence. This session is suitable for educators in Scotland. In this session we will explore…

  • What is artificial intelligence
  • What is generative AI and some examples
  • Prompt-craft
  • How might you use generative AI tools to support your work
  • How generative AI tools can support learners

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Monitor and Encourage Sustainable Behaviour, micro:bit, ON DEMAND #CSscot23

This is pre-recorded session for you to watch with your class at your own leisure. The video will be made available from 17th May at 11am within the Curriculum Live Channel.

Encouraging those around you to make better choices in their sustainable behaviour is hard. One important thing to encourage change is to convince them with data. Using the data logging feature on the BBC micro:bit, we will build a manual data logger to allow you to gather data for your local area. You could look at transport on the way to school or the types of litter in your local environment. The choice is yours but remember collecting the data is only the first step. Then you need to think about how you will present and share that data in order to make a difference.

This session is suitable for 2nd – 4th Level learners.

This session is based on the traffic survey project –

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17 May 11:00, Live Code Along, Inspiring Sustainable Behaviour with micro:bit #CSscot23

Making a difference in the world around us can seem a little daunting but there are lots of easy, individual and local things we can do to help. Using the accelerometer on the BBC micro:bit, we will code a random sustainability activity picker to inspire us all to make a difference and to have fun doing it.

This session is suitable for learners first – 4th level.

This session is based on the activity picker project –

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16 May 14:00, Technology to Protect our Planet – Live Assembly, Tech She Can #CSscot23

Are your students interested in technology and how it can help us protect our planet? Could they see themselves working in a green career in the future? Join us on Tuesday 16th March at 2pm, when Tech She Can Learning Design and Development Officer (and experienced primary school teacher), Poppy Patel, will deliver a live virtual 30-minute Tech We Can assembly for children aged 8 – 11. Poppy will highlight the role technology plays in helping us to protect our planet and fight climate change – and also show some of the green careers within tech that students could pursue in the future.

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