Cyber Resilience and Internet Safety for primary teachers

This section aims to provide ideas, information and professional learning to support primary teachers develop confident and responsible children and young people that are cyber resilient.

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Understanding cyber resilience and internet safety

cyber toolkit

The Teacher Cyber Toolkit is the main page for information, ideas and resources for teachers. It splits internet use into: consume, create or communicate and has resources and information for each of these.

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essential teacher digital skillsStart here if you need support with basic digital literacy skills, such as creating passwords, logging in to Glow or connecting to Wi-Fi.

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this is cyber clpl

This is Cyber Resilience and Internet Safety is the next step for teachers more confident in their own digital literacy. There are four sessions to choose from whether you are planning lessons or creating guidance for your school or community.

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Cyber across the curriculum

Cyber resilience and internet safety can be incorporated into other curricular areas, below are links to those which are ‘responsibilities of all’. This has been kept concise for simplicity but there are many other aspects that could be explored by teachers.

cyber in literacy and english

More of the information we consume is now online, in the form of news, social media and literature. Learners need support to find, evaluate and make use of these texts.

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cyber in numeracy and mathematics

More shopping than ever is done online. Learners need to understand how to set up devices and accounts with secure email and passwords, as well as how to identify and report scams and cyber threats.

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cyber in health and wellbeing

There are lots of areas of our lives now touched by digital technology and cyber resilience can help keep them safer, more private and fairer. 

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