This section aims to support teachers to develop their skills and knowledge in supporting learners keep themselves, their devices and platforms more secure.

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Support by stage

cyber security for ELC
primary teachers
secondary teachers

Essential resources

cyber toolkit

The Cyber Toolkit is designed to support teachers understand how children and young people use the internet, focusing on how they consume, create and communicate. Understanding learners’ online behaviours in this way makes it simpler to plan learning and support learners with their online lives.

Parents' Cyber First Aid Box


The Cyber First Aid Box is designed to for families to support children and young people when they experience a cyber incident by supporting discussions and steps to recovery.

technology assisted harmful sexual behaviour


The Technology Assisted Harmful Sexual Behaviour CLPL is designed to support pastoral staff analyse and understand the online behaviours that they are encountering in their school. The course will help them identify the actions, understand the behaviour and drivers, and make an action plan to support learners change their behaviours.

Professional learning

cyberfirst courses for learners - This programme aims to support teachers develop their own knowledge and understanding of cyber resilience/internet safety and cyber security. It will explore the skills and knowledge children and young people…