Introducing The Bongles and the Crafty Crows – Exploring early level Cyber!

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The Digital Team and the Bongles have joined forces in partnership with Cyber Scotland, Cyber Aware and the Scottish Book Trust to introduce younger learners to develop understanding of cyber awareness at early level, through the publication of the new Bongles book ‘The Bongles and the Crafty Crows‘.

Who are the Bongles?

The Bongles are a group of monster friends who live on a paradise-like planet.

They reuse and repurpose items that wash up onto their planet’s pristine shore and turn trash into treasure.

The rhyming stories are full of slapstick and silly humour, which both children and adults alike will find funny. The quirky and whimsical watercolour illustrations are sure to capture the attention of young readers.

The Bongles and The Crafty Crows – The newest book in the series helps children to learn about cyber resilience in a fun-filled way.

Story Summary

Three wooden crates wash up onto the shores of Bongle Island.

The Bongles really want to keep this new found treasure safe from the crafty crows.

Will the crows outsmart the Bongles’ padlocks and passcodes?

Will the crows take the crates full of treasure and keep it all for themselves?

The Bongles and the Crafty Crows‘ story book will be part of the P1 Bookbug bags for every primary one.

There is also a variety of practitioner-created learning and teaching resources to accompany the story, a downloadable PDF of the book and an animation on the Bongles website.

You will also engage with this story in the new 3-part series of early level Cyber Resilience and Internet Safety webinars, This is early level Digital – CRIS and through various cyber events throughout the year, which will be advertised here, on the blog.

Join us in the upcoming introduction webinar and read along to find out more!

Upcoming Events


Learner Read Along. Tuesday 14th November 11-11.30am. ‘The Bongles and The Crafty Crows’ 

FMG Àm stòiridh còmhla ri Linda NicLeòid agus Na Bongles! Diardaoin 16mh Samhain 2023, 11:00-11:30m​ ​

Learner Read Along. Thursday 16th November 2-2.30pm. ‘The Bongles and The Crafty Crows’