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A Czech student in Scotland. Why? ✈️


Available at: (Accessed: 17 September 2016)

Hello all.
My name is Barbara. I come from a small European country called the Czech Republic; Yes, that is the one East from Germany and right below Poland. The one with Prague, also yes. If you wanted to mention beer, you would be correct as well. My point is, I’d lived in a place majority of people haven’t even heard of, ever since I was born until August 2016. Neither of my parents or any close relatives know how to speak English. Having moved to Dundee, I find people are unexpectedly surprised by my decision to study here and possibly pursue a career in a country rather far away from what my “Home” is.

I wanted to create a summary to which I would come back each year as I progress with my studies (and further career) and reflect on it.

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