Values workshop- Derek should have gone to acting school.

On Tuesday 20th September we had our first values workshop with Derek. He split us into four groups and gave each group an envelope with a number indicating which group we were. Inside the envelope there was an abundance of resources for Group 1, Group 2 got a similar amount, Group 3 slightly less and Group 4 had a measly pencil, post it, 3 paperclips and a rubber band. With the resources in the envelopes we were told to make something that would help out a fresher student and we would get scored out of 10 for it.

I was in Group 4- the group with the pathetic amount of resources. Our group didn’t really know what to do or where to go with the resources we had. We would look over at other groups and see that they had lots of pieces of paper, colourful pens etc. and then back at our own and just complain. Derek began walking circulating around the four groups. He was praising groups 1&2 for their ‘great ideas’ and passing no comment on groups 3 or 4. He then proceeded to shoot dirty looks and walk away when were tried to ask him questions. I remember turning to Rachel beside me at one point throughout the task  and said ‘why does Derek hate us’.

We sort of sensed that something was going on and we did guess that Derek was going somewhere with this, that there was a point to the exercise.

We powered through and came up with an idea of having a map drawn on a post it with the pencil attached by the rubber band and paperclips, a sort of keyring type thing. It was pretty decent I thought considering the resources we were presented with. Our presentation got shrugged off by Derek and we initially didn’t even get scored, whereas the other groups did- more abuse from Derek. He then proceeded to score us a stingy 2/10 when we questioned him about it.

Derek then revealed to us the hoax, that we had sort of already figured out. The whole point of the exercise was to make us think about how we should treat people if they are maybe disadvantaged in some way and also that we should be fair to everyone.


Why teaching?

Teaching has always been a career I have been interested in. I remember looking at my Primary 4 teacher at the front of the room teaching a history lesson on the World Wars; I just sat there watching, wanting to be her. For many years I never really gave my profession much thought but when UCAS came along I have to say I wasn’t sure. I took the plunge and went for teaching, knowing id always had teaching in mind, and since then I haven’t really looked back. Now, here I am, in first year at the University of Dundee embarking on this 4 year journey to become a primary teacher. I am excited to see what is to come and all that I’ll learn about teaching and how I can develop my own skills and qualities to help me become the best teacher I can be.

I’ve always loved children and have had a lot of the experience in both a formal and informal setting. A lot of the experience I have gained working with children has been so rewarding; Their innocent and immature nature is just so refreshing. I’m really looking forward to one day having my own class and helping them to develop both educationally and as people!