Why teaching?

The reason I wanted to become a primary school teacher I find quite hard to explain. This is due to the fact that I cannot seem to pin point a moment in time where I decided that primary teaching was what I wanted my profession to be.

However, one of the main reasons I normally give to explain my passion for wanting to become a primary teacher, is that it developed from my admiration of my primary three teacher. We got on so well and I loved being in her class. It is quite cliché of me to say that I wanted to become a primary school teacher because of a teacher I had, but that genuinally is one of the main reasons.

Another reason I feel that primary teaching is the career for me is because I believe that every child should experience a good quality education as an essential part of life and their human rights. Also, I love learning and gaining new skills therefore teaching would be a good career for me as being a teacher means you learn everyday. I would also just love to be a part of the educational journey that children go through, I want to feel like my time in the world is beneficial and that I have achieved something, by providing children with an education I feel like that would achieve my goals.