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The complex matter of Gender

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Gender. Not too long ago, all over the world, the answer to “What is gender?” would without a doubt be ‘Male and Female’. To this day, for many people, the terms ‘gender’ and ‘sex’ are used interchangeably, and thus incorrectly. As we have come to learn, the issue goes way beyond these two boxes. So what is it, really? In my opinion, the closest to a realistic definition we could get, would be saying it is a scale; a spectrum.

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‘Kind and Caring’

Yesterday on This Morning was broadcast an interview with Lucy Alexander – the mother of 17-year-old Felix who, in April of this year, was driven to suicide by continual bullying. She decided to take action and wrote an open letter to not only the bullies, but also teachers and other parents who might find themselves in similar situation at some point. The reason why I am writing a post about it from the point of view of an aspiring teacher, is mainly because I find it extremely important to raise awareness of such issues. If a mother of a child who committed suicide finds the strength to publicly speak about it, I would consider it our duty to contribute as individuals as much as we can and help to spread the message.

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Why #BlackLivesMatter and not #AllLivesMatter

Now, before you call me out based on the title, let me clarify this. Very obviously, all lives do matter. Whatever your race, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation, (dis)ability; Your life matters.

Then why is it so crucial that in times like these, we spread the message behind a simple hashtag #BlackLivesMatter, rather than promoting that we are all equal and every single one of us deserves to be treated the same?

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