Online Literacy Assessment

FRIDAY 16/09/2016: On my first attempt of OLA I scored 69% (24/35)

  • Comment: I am not satisfied with the score and I will surely address the key areas in which I need improvement. Those are mainly punctuation and capital letters. (I made two mistakes in the first part of testing and the rest of points I lost when working on the text; adding commas, putting capital letters…) I believe I can perform fairly well in grammar and mostly even spelling; that might be because I have been learning English as my second language and those were continuously addressed in class during my high-school years. On the other hand, punctuation and use of capital letters or even differences between American and British spelling were hardly mentioned.
  • Goal: As of right now I am not setting specific percentage I want to achieve. I would mainly like to focus on improving my English overall with a special attention to academic writing and understanding punctuation in written language.

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