National Online Maths Assessment

SATURDAY 17/09/2016: On my first attempt of NOMA I scored 88% (42/48)

  • Comment: I think the percentage is fairly acceptable for a first try. I must say, I never exactly enjoyed learning Maths, but at the same time, I was never bad at it. I didn’t expect to score too poorly and to be honest, looking solely on the Mathematics’ side of the test, I think it could’ve gone quite smoothly. What I find challenging, (so far extremely challenging, I will admit) is the different terminology used when assigning the task (Compared to Czech). I took a whole page worth of notes when progressing through the test, just in order to get back to it and learn the actual terms.
  • Goal: Surely it is necessary to keep practising my Maths skills as there is always room for improvement. As an aspiring teacher, however, I want to right now mainly focus my attention on learning English terminology that I will be required to apply whenever explaining the subject.

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