What does a scientist look like? – Celebrating women in STEM during British Science Week: Meet Amy

Meet Amy, an Ecologist

A young white woman with black, green and blue hair, smiling.

Ecologists help to protect and restore the natural environment. They provide important information on how human activity affects individual species and ecosystems. They also study the relationships between animals, plants and the environment. Core qualities of an ecologist are good analytical and communication skills and a passion for preserving the environment.

Amy’s day-to-day activities consist of fieldwork and recording information on plants, animals, environmental conditions and biodiversity. Ecologists usually specialise in a specific area of the environment. Amy, for example, has specialised in bats which are a protected species.

Her interest in animals started early. A fun fact about her is that she kept a pet house spider as a child. She enjoyed Chemistry at school and her interest in STEM subjects continued at university. She has a bachelor’s degree in Animal Biology and a master’s degree in Environmental Protection and Management.

What she loves most about her current job is the opportunity to travel around Scotland and sometimes other locations in the UK. The furthest she has travelled for work is to Llanilid in southern Wales and her favourite work location has been Shetland in the north of Scotland.

When she is not conducting bat surveys, she enjoys hiking, cooking, gaming and painting.

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