Dualling the A9 and other large-scale infrastructure projects requires people from many different careers.

Here are just a few!

Landscape Architect

Landscape architects design areas such as parks, gardens, school grounds, business parks and other outdoor spaces in towns and the countryside.

They also do landscape and visual assessments (what something will look like) and design to help new projects like roads, power stations, and new housing areas fit into the environment.

On the A9 their role is to learn about the different types of countryside that the road passes through and then help to design the new road to fit the shape of the land.

They decide where to plant new trees to be in keeping with the local landscape, to hide views of traffic from nearby houses and outdoor places used by people like footpaths and cycle tracks, and to provide wildlife habitat.


Archaeologists study how humans used to live through the remains they have left behind such as artefacts (for example tools and coins),archaeological monuments, buildings and the landscape around us.

Our role on the A9 is to identify such remains and to advise the engineers as to how they can be protected or if this is not possible how they can recorded before the road is built. 

Stakeholder Manager Communication and Engagement Manager

They talk to people. It is their job to make sure that all those people living along the A9 have information about what is happening in their area. They also need to make it easy for people to contact them and tell them information about the local area that might impact on the design of the road. Sometimes people worry about changes to the place that they live and it is important they have someone who can give them information about what is happening.  



Environmental Scientist

Environmental Consultant

Communication & Engagement Consultant

Environment Consultant

Structures Lead & Technical Director

Apprentice Trainee Engineer

Strategy Advisor

Roads and Infrastructure Manager

Here are some additional roles on the A9 Dualling Project 

  • Traffic modeller
  • Geologist
  • Ecologist
  • Geomorphologist
  • Programme manager  
  • Economist  
  • Health and safety manager  
  • Risk analyst 

If you’re interested in pursuing any of these careers you can explore potential job opportunities with specific A9 related companies, please follow the individual links below.

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