When designing and constructing the A9 the effects on tourism need to be considered. 

During the construction phase if detours or roadworks are in place how will this affect tourists visiting the area? 

What can be done to mitigate this? 

Once the road is in place, its design needs to continue to support travel connections to important tourist sites. 

If the road will cause a large increase in traffic to tourist sites then is the infrastructure surrounding the tourist attraction able to cope with this influx.

Below are links to sources of information to support teaching tourism related topics.

Cultural Heritage 
The following website allows you to locate details of archaeological and historic sites held in Scotland’s national and local historic environment records. It shows the historic site around the A9, providing further information on whether construction can take place in that area. This information is used to investigate whether the site may be affected by the proposals for construction in that area.  
Links to be used: 
Images to be used: 
https://cairngorms.co.uk/ – good images here that could be copied  

Visit Scotland

The link below will take you directly to the Research and Insights section of the Visit Scotland website.

Here, you can access recent published research including information on coastal tourism and water wellness, Scotland’s latest COVID-19 tracker reports and the benefits of tourism in Scotland.

You can also access recent and archived reports about the northern, eastern, southern or western regions of Scotland – simply click on the Regions tab and follow the link to each region in Scotland. 

CLICK HERE to access the website

Scottish Government

The link below will take you directly to the Tourism and Events section of the Scottish Government website.

Here, you will find key tourism and events facts, annual statistics and links to the latest publications for further information regarding tourism and events in Scotland.

Further information on events in Scotland can be found through the Visit Scotland link below.

This showcases Scotland and encourages more people to visit and experience some of the country’s major events 

CLICK HERE to access the Scottish Government Tourism and Events website

CLICK HERE to access the Visit Scotland website

Scotland’s Environment

Below you will find some other tourism website links for further information and research on Scotland’s environment.

Historic Environment Scotland

The lead public body established to investigate, care for and promote Scotland’s historic environment. 

CLICK HERE to access the website

Nationals Trust for Scotland

Conserves natural and human heritage that is significant to Scotland and the world.

CLICK HERE to access the website

Scottish Natural Heritage

Promotes care for the natural heritage, wildlife, habitats, rocks, and landscapes of Scotland. 

CLICK HERE to access the website

Cairngorms National Park

In the heart of the Scottish Highlands, is the UK’s largest national park. 

CLICK HERE to access the website