What does a scientist look like? – Celebrating women in STEM during British Science Week: Meet Liz

Meet Liz, a Roads Engineer.

A young white woman with long brown hair, smiling. Under her picture it says Liz and Roads Engineer.

Roads Engineers are responsible for ensuring that the thousands of miles of road across the UK are in good condition. As a Roads Engineer, Liz is involved in designing and building roads, highways and bridges.

Liz enjoyed both Maths and Science subjects in school but didn’t have a clear path for her career. After encouragement from her science teacher, Liz signed up for a Women in STEM work experience programme. This experience opened Liz’s eyes up to what a career in engineering could look like, which was a much broader and diverse environment than she had initially envisioned! Liz decided to pursue a degree in Civil Engineering, as it kept her options for a career broad with a range of specialisms to choose from after graduating.

She loves the variety of her job. She works on a range of projects which each have an exciting set of challenges and opportunities. Day-to-day duties range from undertaking surveys, preparing designs, collaborating with other transport professionals and overseeing the implementation of projects. The job is suited to anyone with an interest in the building and construction industry and who wants to develop their analytical thinking and design skills.

In her free time, Liz likes reading and cooking. She also enjoys playing board games with friends while trying to keep her two cats from knocking game pieces off the board. A fun fact about Liz is that she plays the trumpet and has passed her Grade 1-7 exams.

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