Looking to integrate sustainability into your curriculum? Check out our live competition!

Transport Scotland’s Academy9 initiative would like to invite your school to take part in Sustainable Solutions: Roads of the Future Challenge 2024.

The challenge will be for pupils to design their own sustainable road using as many of the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as possible.  

Who is it for?P6, P7, S1, S2 and S3 pupils, either in class or in after-school clubs 

When? 8th January to 22nd March 2024 for a maximum of 10 hours, flexible based on your timetable. Although we have already kicked off, there’s still time to sign up!

Awards are available for the best design for both primary and secondary school entries, based on the judging criteria within the resource pack. 

The Academy9 team invite you to take part in this topical and innovative initiative by contacting Eliska.Kosova@jacobs.com.

The full resources for this challenge available here::  Academy9 Blog: Sustainable Solutions Roads of the Future Challenge.  

An information flyer about the challenge can be found here and can be printed or distributed to your school. 

An example of a sustainable road model from last year for inspiration, but the model can also be digital.

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