Why not make your New Year’s resolution to STEM volunteer this year?

Maybe you are thinking about STEM volunteering but are not sure what it might be like?

Let’s face it not everyone enjoyed school.

You may feel you are not sure what you could teach young people?

The thought of returning to a classroom as facilitator, instead of a pupil, might feel like a big step.

At Academy9 we are successfully helping STEM volunteers take that step. At our recent Town Planning and Next Steps events at Kingussie High School we had two new STEM volunteers join us. Below are some of their thoughts on their experiences.

Charlotte McMahon, Talent Acquisition Partner

Earlier this year I was asked to take part in my first STEM event, and felt like a total imposter. Surely a recruiter doesn’t have anything useful to share with young people!?

Recently I as part of the Academy9 programme I gave some 16 year old students tips on how to hone in on their skills, build their CV & prepare for interviews and I felt useful! Hoping to inspire some of the next generation for a career in #steam Thank you to the project team for the support creating this workshop and facilitating todays session.

Niamh Cross, Graduate Town Planning Apprentice

This year I attended my first Academy9 event celebrating World Town Planning Day at Kingussie High School. It was a great opportunity to talk with young people about what the role of a town planner entails. Being an apprentice myself this was a good way to share my personal experience and the ‘unconventional’ way in which I have begun my career. Listening to the pupils discuss what makes somewhere a good place to live was really interesting and I learnt just as much from them as I hope they did from me. I am looking forward to getting involved in future STEM events and continuing to promote the town planning profession.

Here are some reasons why Academy9 events work for STEM volunteers:

  • Project engagement opportunities are planned and focused to support the development of all involved, young people, teachers and industry professionals.
  • All activities are created by education specialist working in collaboration with schools and industry experts to ensure that they are relevant, engaging and well received by young people.
  • The materials are updated regularly to keep them current and relevant for industry professionals to talk to.
  • Training takes place before live school engagements and STEM volunteers are offered the opportunity to adapt sessions to suit their preference and knowledge.
  • Tips, tricks and support are provided before and during the live session delivery, ensuring STEM ambassadors have an experience where they are comfortable but still develop their facilitation skills.

If you feel encouraged by reading about our STEM volunteers experience then please contact us if you would like more information on how to STEM volunteer.

Or take a look at our project resources to support you when working in schools.

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