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Professional development for secondary science probationers


Professional development for secondary science probationers

The closing date for applications to attend SSERC’s 2-part residential course for Probationer teachers is Friday November 25th.  Through this programme, with practical work at its core, we focus on enhancing the range of activities which participants will be able to use to support Curriculum for Excellence in their classrooms. More than half of the practical elements of the course will be devoted to subjects outside participants’ own area of expertise. More details available from the SSERC website.



Concept Cartoons – 6th February 2017


Concept Cartoons – 6th February 2017


SSERC, Dunfermline

stuart_nStuart Naylor, one of the principal authors of Science Concept Cartoons Set 2, is due to deliver this ‘twilight’ professional development session. Aimed at learners in the age range 10-16, this new resource for Chemistry, Biology and Physics covers topics including earth and space, living things and their environments, physical and chemical changes.

Concept Cartoons are designed to introduce science concepts in everyday settings. Each character has a different opinion about science being discussed. All of the possible answers are plausible and highlight common learner misconceptions. Learners are invited to join in with the discussion happening in the science Concept Cartoon.


The book and CD of Science Concept Cartoons Set 2 both contain 156 Concept Cartoons covering the main areas of science. Background text, written in pupil-friendly language, is available for each Concept Cartoon. A blank speech bubble on each Science Concept Cartoon encourages learners to add additional ideas.

Fee: The fee for the course is £135 to include a copy of the book and CD of Science Concept Cartoons Set 2 as well as a site license meaning that all teachers can use the resource in their teaching. Light refreshments will be provided on arrival.

Applications: The closing date for applications is 25th January 2017.


SSERC Winter Bulletins – out now


SSERC Winter Bulletins

SSERC’s popular Primary Science & Technology Bulletin and SSERC Bulletin are available to download for all members from the SSERC website. All Local Authority school and college teachers and technicians are automatically members of SSERC. The majority of Independent schools are too.

If you’ve yet to register for membership or forgotten your login details contact STS@sserc.org.uk to create or reactivate your account.


Quantum Physics Course

Quantum Physics Course March 4th, 2016 – Satrosphere Science Centre, Aberdeen

Glasgow University is recognised as a world leader in quantum technology. In this course, researchers from QuantIC, the quantum enhanced imaging hub, based  at the university’s physics department will guide teachers through some of the new H and AH physics content, setting it in the context of their own work. There will be practical sessions too, giving delegates the chance to participate in activities to support the teaching of quantum physics in the classroom. Resources will be provided to take back to school, including a Photonics Explorer optics kit.

Only 20 places are available.  The course costs £180. Local Authority schools and FE colleges will be entitled to receive a Cutting Edge Science Award of £180 for each delegate in attendance. The Cutting Edge Science Award is funded by Research Councils UK (RCUK)  administered by the National Science Learning Network.


To apply for a place please  download and fill in the application form here or request one from sts@sserc.org.uk This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Please note the closing date for applications is 12th February 2016; places will be allocated on the closing date and delegates will be notified of the status of their application as soon after that date as possible.


Further details can be obtained from the Course Leader Gregor Steele – gregor.steele@sserc.org.uk This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

For more information on Quantic, please visit quantic.ac.uk