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Support Resources for Families: Online Safety

The National Parent Forum of Scotland has produced three helpful new resources to support parents and family during lockdown.

Take a look at them by clicking the links below!

Learning At Home In Lockdown

Online Safety

Securing your Devices

You can also find useful information relating to online safety in the “Parents and Families” section of our website. This can be accessed by the menu at the top of the page, or by clicking here.

Reach, Top Up and Summer School Update for S5- S6

Top- Up
  • Anyone who attended and completed the program but were not able to complete their written assignment have been awarded a B pass for this assignment.
  • Results will be sent out to you and to admissions officers for Universities in the next 2 weeks
Summer School
  • Summer school will run online in June or July
  • Pupils will have one of the following offers for completing Summer School: academic skills module only, OR academic skills module and 1 or 2 academic subjects.
  • You may receive an offer to complete Summer School if you do not achieve your acquired grades for your SQA exams.
Reach Campus Week (Medicine, Dentistry, Law, Vet Medicine – Current S5 pupils moving to S6 in June)
  • This will take place online on the week beginning 15th June
  • On campus sessions will follow as soon as possible
  • The online sessions will include all information needed to apply in October.
  • Adjusted offers will still be made for completing Reach Campus Week
Sutton Trust Summer School
  • Will now run online week beginning 27th June
  • Completion will still play the usual role in adjusted offers for Life Sciences; Arts; Social Sciences; Physical Sciences, Engineering.
Access to a Career Programme (Accounting & Finance, Engineering, Education)
  • The aim is to run this later in the year. If this is not possible it will run online.

If you have any questions about the above, please speak to Mr Richardson.

Big White Wall – A Community to Support Mental Health

It’s estimated that 1/4 people will suffer with mental ill health. We also know that talking about it can be difficult.  But people no longer have to struggle alone. Whether you’re dealing with a mental health issue or just feel burdened by everyday worries or concerns, Big White Wall provides safe, anonymous online support.

Big White Wall provides a supportive, online community to give help when you’re feeling down. Trained professionals are available 24/7, and there’s a choice of safe therapeutic services, including online self-help courses. This means anyone who may be struggling can get support at a time that suits them, from the comfort of their own home.

Big White Wall is now available for all residents 16+ for free in Glasgow funded by Glasgow City Council Education Services. If you live in Glasgow and are 16 years to 18 years you can simply go to and enter your postcode to join. 70% of members report feeling better as a result of using Big White Wall and 1 in 2 shared something on Big White Wall for the first time.


For more information on Mental Health supports, please visit the ‘Covid and Mental Health’ page on our website. This can be accessed through the ‘Covid/School Closure’ tab on our main menu, or by clicking the following link:

Important UCAS Information

For the latest information about UCAS applications, and how they have been affected by coronavirus, please read the document below.

UCAS Update – Coronavirus

UCAS will also be holding a Live Facebook Q&A session for parents. This will be held on 30th April at 4pm.

You can also find a range of general UCAS and Universities advice, as well as learning about different post school options, in the “Skills and Pathways” menu, which can be accessed from the home page.



Learning at Home: A Directory of Resources

Dear Parent/Carer,
There are a wide range of learning resources available for young people during the school building closure.
The resource below is a helpful directory of where you can access resources for each subject, and contact information including email address and Twitter links for departments and teachers.
You can also find a copy of this resource here in our Learning at Home page in the Covid19/School Closure section of our website.
Please contact Principal Teachers and Faculty Heads  via the email addresses in this document if you have any queries about the material available.

Spring Message from the Head Teacher

Dear Parents and Carers,
Our Spring term ends today and I would like to thank you for all of your support and kindness, especially over the past few weeks.
As you know in normal circumstances we would be making our way over to Wellington Church today for our Spring Assembly, so I have written a Head Teacher’s Address to send to the pupils and to you, which you can read by clicking this link: Spring Assembly-April 2020
The school may be currently closed but we are still a whole school community and on behalf of the staff I wish you good health, peace and happiness over the Spring Break.
Best wishes,
Karen McAlaney
Head Teacher