RSHPE – Relationships, Sexual Health and Parenthood Education


It is an entitlement for children to learn about relationships, sexual health and parenthood. For many years in Glasgow, we have followed the local authority programme called SHRE. Last year, we started using the new national programme – RSHPE, which was an updated version and included more comprehensive learning about parenthood and diversity.

The information below details what your child will learn each year at school, building their understanding year on year. Your child will develop their understanding of RSHP each year and this will continue in to their Secondary school years.

All of the resources and planning that we use in school can be accessed by parents/carers on the RSHP website:

Click on this link for our 2022 parents/careers presentation:

RSHP Presentation 2022

Parent Information Leaflets 

The leaflets below have more information about how your child can learn about RSHP at home and school.

Primary 1

Early Level – learning at home 

Early Level – learning at school

Primary 2 – 4

First Level – learning at home

First level – learning at school

Primary 5 – 7 

Second level – learning at home

Second level – learning at school


Frequently Asked Questions for parents