Digital Learning

27 August 2020

We used Seesaw during school closure to continue our pupils’ education. This was used by 97% of our pupils. In June, questionnaires were completed by teachers, pupils and parents to gauge the experience of using Seesaw and next steps for our school community. Of those who completed the questionnaire, the majority were happy to continue using Seesaw for home learning when schools reopened. From 31 August 2020, we will be using Seesaw to send home learning tasks although not all of these tasks will be submitted through Seesaw.

Please click on the links to view the summaries of the questionnaire responses.

Summary of responses from P1 and P2

Summary of responses from P3-P7 Seesaw questionnaire

Summary of responses from Parent questionnaire on Seesaw

Summary of responses from Teacher questionnaire on Seesaw

9 September 2019

Glasgow City Council is rolling out iPads to all schools. April 2019 our teachers received their iPads and in January 2020 our pupils received their iPads. Please click on the click below to see our Digital Learning Strategy created by the Digital Leaders group 2018-2019.

Digital Learning Strategy Broomhill Primary School
‘To empower Glasgow’s young people to be Confident Individuals, Successful Learners, Responsible Citizens and Effective Contributors in a digital world, enabling and enhancing digital commu…
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