Fruit Tasting fun in P7a!

On Friday the boys and girls in P7a had a fruit tasting session as part of their learning on The Rainforest. Not only did they learn which fruits were grown in tropical rainforests but it was also a great opportunity for them to make healthy choices in trying out a variety of exotic fruits!

P7 – Reaping the Rewards of Their Hard Work…

Today P7 pupils started their day with a delicious cup of homemade lentil soup! They thoroughly enjoyed tucking into a meal made completely by them from sowing the seeds, harvesting the plants and turning them into a fantastic pot of soup.   The children used the potatoes, carrots and onions they harvested and learned how to wash, peel, chop and add the ingredients together to make their tasty morning snack.

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Blairvadach has been a blast!

We can’t believe it is our final day and time to come home! We have all had the most amazing week!! From learning new skills, facing our fears and laughing at our teachers fall in water, we have laughed from start to finish! It really has been an experience we will never forget. We are all very tired from our busy week and from last night’s disco!!  Here are few highlights

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Blairvadach Day 2

What a morning at Blairvadach on day 2 of our trip. We have woken up to sunshine and an amazing view. The boys and girls are participating in lots of different activities today including cycling, canoeing and climbing. Here are a few snaps of some of our pupils who braved their fear of heights and scaled a very high pole.

Fundraising Friday

On Friday 16th September we will be taking part in “Fundraising Friday”. All our children will be participating in our Fun Run which will take place in our playground. Sponser sheets for this should be in schoolbags if you don’t already them.  Please make sure children have a gym kit and water bottle. We are hoping to make lots of money for our school. Click on the link below to

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Name Labels

Just a reminder to all parents and carers. Please make sure that all pupils clothing and belongings are clearly labelled with their name and class. We have already had some items found without names.  It is hard to trace their owners without a name label. Thank you for your continued support.