STEM in P3

Primary 3 have had a fantastic week taking part in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths) On Monday they carried out their own experiment called “Flying Film Canisters”. They mixed water and vitamin C tablets to create a mini explosion, propelling their canister up in to the air. They wrote a science report and discussed their hypothesis. On Tuesday they made their own balloon rockets and raced them against each other.    

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Mother’s Day Cards by P3

Primary 3 thought long and hard about who they wished to send their card to on Mothering Sunday. They talked about all the wonderful females in their lives who have helped and supported them.   Have a look at their lovely cards….

P3’s Scottish Assembly

  On Friday Primary 3 showcased their learning by hosting a fantastic Scottish Assembly!   The children explained elements of the Wars of Independence, Scottish Culture, Traditions, Cities, Rivers and the lives of people from the past and present. All of the children thoroughly enjoyed singing various Scottish songs such as I’m a Skyscraper Wean, Touch the Sky, This Land, Auld Lang Syne and Caledonia. They took part in Ceilidh dancing

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Back with a Bang… P3

Primary 3 would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year! May 2018 be the best year yet!   Since returning to school after the holidays, Primary 3 have been working very hard and learning lots of new things about Scotland. They have been learning about people, places, rivers, traditions and dancing. They have used their mapping skills to located Scotland’s 7 cities and 10 longest rivers.   Primary 3

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Making Maths Count – P3

This week in Primary 3 children have been learning about money. They have learnt to list coins to buy items from the shop and work out their change too! They have also taken part in a variety of activities and have had the choice to complete mild, spicy, hot and even extra hot tasks! They have challenged themselves and are becoming more confident when dealing with money.

P3 – Keeping Me Safe

Over the last few weeks Primary 3 have been leaning about The Green Cross Code and how to keep themselves safe when out and about. They have taken part in presentations, workshops and various lessons, helping to support their understanding of how to keep safe and the importance of using the Green Cross Code. Our lessons have also helped to support our Class Charter as Primary 3 picked Article 19

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Spelling Fun

Primary 3 have been taking part in lots of activities to help them with their spelling! Some of their favourite games are: Silent Spelling Clap Spelling Frog Spelling Spelling Tic Tac Toe.   We’ve also been using our elkonin boards to help us split words up and we’ve been making silly poems to help us remember how to spell too!      

P3 Artist Appreciation

P3 have been examining the work of Steven Brown. They loved his use of colour and that many of his painting are of animals. They loved the names he had given to his paintings and thought they were funny. They liked Francie and Josie McZoo and Lizzie McCoo!   The children then went on to complete their own representations of his work…. Here are some of our budding artists!