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Creativity – What Is It?

Gayle Martin, Arts & Culture Officer, Curriculum Support Falkirk Council is working in partnership with Stirling and Clackmannanshire Council to develop Creative Learning.  Gayle recently attended a presentation by Sheila Paige of Education Scotland who is leading Creativity Across Learning, which is a creative review across a range of education establishments in Scotland.  The review will complete in June and results will be published in September.  As part of this Sheila was able to share how Education Scotland has defined Creativity, which is listed below:

 Definitions of Creativity

 Creative skills, sometimes referred to as capacities, include being:

  • Inquisitive
  • Open-minded
  • Able to harness imagination
  • Able to identify and solve problems

 We also define people who have well-formed creative skills as being:

  • Confident in their right and ability to influence change

 These organisers are used to describe more fully those key learning behaviours which will support the development of these skills and capacities.  The following list aims to expand these concepts.  It is not exhaustive but includes:

  • Being curious
  • Registering patterns and anomalies
  • Drawing on previous knowledge
  • Researching productively
  • Formulating good questions
  • Defining problems
  • Exploring multiple viewpoints
  • Functioning with uncertainty
  • Lateral thinking
  • Hypothesising
  • Synthesising and refining multiple options and viewpoints
  • Inventing
  • Crafting, delivering and presenting solutions
  • Applying discipline and resilience
  • Evaluating impact and success of solutions
  • Identifying next steps in refinement or development of process

We would also expect children and young people to become increasingly:

  • Motivated and ambitious for change
  • Confident in validity of their own viewpoint
  • Able to apply a creative process to other situations
  • Able to lead and work well with others

Reading Champions

 Yvonne Manning, Principal Librarian, Curriculum Support Team, Falkirk Council Education Services organised a project with looked after and accommodated young people who worked with storytellers and an animator to create a film. The project was funded by Awards for All and is an example of very effective partnership work between Education, Social Work, Lisa Kapur Forde (Arts Development Officer, Falkirk Community Trust), storytellers – Ruth Kirkpatrick and Claire McNicol, musicians and Wrighteye film makers. The launch of the film took place in Falkirk Town Hall on 22/3/13. It was a wonderful occasion to celebrate the achievements of the young people. The storytellers and the young people told the story that they had created and then the film was shown. The film shows the group in Meadowbank Library working together on the story, making the characters, shooting the scenes and then viewing the animation of the story. The song that accompanies the story was written and sung by one of the young people. The film can be viewed by clicking this link – Tear Drops on the Wings

Feedback after the launch was exceptional, here is just a snapshot of what people said:

‘What a fantastic and moving film.  The music was wonderful and fitted perfectly with the story and the animation.  I was blown away by the whole event and by the talent and ability of the young people.  Thank you.’ Chief Governance Officer, Falkirk Council.

‘This has by far the best thing that’s happened for me for ages, thanks for sharing your work, talent and experiences.  I would be delighted if you would be prepared to show the film and tell the story at the Falkirk Parents and Families Workshop on 9th October 2013.  I think you could inspire so many more people there!, Thank you!!’ Co-ordinator, Children’s Services, Falkirk Council.

‘Incredible! I was unbelievably impressed with the quality of the film.  Thank you so much for giving us the chance to see it.  You are all brilliant.  Well done!!’ Clinical Psychologist.

‘Well done all involved.  A brilliant team effort.  Hope to see your film again soon.  Thank you so much!’  Child Health Commissioner, N.H.S. Forth Valley.

‘Excellent show, the young people have shown how much talent they have.  Through this film they have hopefully addressed some issues they have, they worked very well together, social skills proven, feelings revealed etc.  Well done to everyone who encouraged and taught, helped make this film.  What next for these young people, they need to get to the next stop.  BRAVO!!’ A Grandmother

‘…  Wow! Wonderful achievement to everyone who participated in the movie.  It was a lovely story well written.  The film makers were great and the music was showstopping! Simply stunning! Wonderful music.  To all of you, I wish you every success in the future.  Keep working hard; Keep positive: Keep doing good work and Thank You I loved it.’ Councillor, Falkirk Council.

And what next?

To nominate the film for an Award.

The young people will tell their story and show the film at a Parent and Families Workshop event in Falkirk Council in October 2013.

CELCIS (Centre for Excellence for Looked After Children in Scotland) are very interested in showcasing the film at their annual conference in October 2013.

Education Scotland are very interested in sharing the project as an example of good practice.

A connection has been established between the Homes and Meadowbank Library. The young people all received a library membership card and borrowed books from the library. The plans  to reinforce this connection include a trip to the Edinburgh International Book Festival in August; library staff will visit the Homes in advance of the trip to read ‘tasters’ from the books by the author(s) with whom the young people will meet.

At least two of the young people have been offered opportunities to further explore  their musical interest and talent from the musicians and producer involved in the project.

The young people who were involved in this project wanted it to continue  and other young people are now very keen to be involved in a similiar project. With this in mind, Yvonne Manning, Lisa Kapur Forde and Jenny Kane (Leaving Care Service) are looking at other potential funding sources and build on the success.

School College Opportunities To Succeed

Lynne Lauder, Enterprise Co-ordinator, Falkirk Council Curriculum Support Team attended the first Joint Team planning meeting for the implementation of the new  SCOTS (School College Opportunities to Succeed) programme which will be piloted as part of the Schools College Consortia in Falkirk during the 2013-14 session.

The event, planned and facilitated by Steve Dougan, Senior Phase/Opportunities for All Co-ordinator, Falkirk Council, Fiona Brown, Curriculum Manager Quality Assurance, Forth Valley College and Hazel Mackie, Principal Officer, Falkirk Council Employment and Training Unit brought together key staff from both Forth Valley College and the Schools.

Having shared an overview of the proposed pilot which detailed the importance of joint delivery and targets, staff from the varous college faculties presented their suggestions of what the college input would be.   Joint teams then worked to generate ideas of how work undertaken in the schools would complement the overall delivery.

Some time was spent on the practicalities of delivery i.e. the recruitment and interview processes and on identifying next steps.

There was a real buzz in the room as the group synergy brought forth some really exciting possibilities.  This is an exciting new addition to the curriculum in Falkirk which will bring rich benefits to the young people of the area.

The group meet again in early May so watch this space for updates.

RED Book Award

Yvonne Manning, Principal Librarian, Curriculum Support Team, Falkirk Council Education Services organised the Falkirk Council Book Award called Read Enjoy Debate. A shortlist of four books was read by students in each of the mainstream secondary schools between August and December 2102. Voting took place and book reviews were submitted in December. The award ceremony was held on 23rd January 2013 at Falkirk Town Hall, where the young people presented creative interpretations of each of the shortlisted books. The shortlisted authors attended and there was a lively question and answer session. The day culminated in the opening of the red envelope to reveal the winning book… and the winner: An Act of Love by Alan Gibbons.

The shortlist:

An Act of Love by Alan Gibbons

My Sister Lives on the Mantelpiece by Annabel Pitcher

Gladiator by Simon Scarrow

Blood Red Road by Moira Young

“Best day out I have had in a long time. I was really impressed by the seamless efficiency of it all and the enthusiasm of all involved.”  Simon Scarrow, shortlisted author.

“It is a brilliant event and we are delighted to be associated with it. Congratulations to you all for putting on such a super day.” John MacPherson, Bright Red Publishing Ltd (sponsor).

“My class thoroughly enjoyed their day out. Thank you so much for inviting us along. I have had nothing but positive feedback from the pupils and staff. It’s such a wonderful event to attend and I hope to work with you again in the future.” Falkirk High School

Images of the RED Book Award ceremony can be viewed on Flickr:

Small Schools World of Work Day at Scottish Prison Service College

Lynne Lauder, Enterprise Co-ordinator, Curriculum Support team delivered the opening session at the latest Small School World of Work day which was hosted by the Scottish Prison Service College at Polmont Young Offenders Institute on 28th February.

The event which was  planned, resourced and  managed by a team of teachers from the Small School Cluster led by Shirley Garioch from Avonbridge PS, gathered 108 pupils  from Avonbridge, Bothkennar, Blackness, California, Drumbowie, Limerigg and Whitecross Primary Schools to undertake four work based sessions with employers. 

The focus of the day was ‘planning for choices and changes’ and the young people were looking at how the skills they are developing in school transfer to a work environment.

Workshops were provided by a Veterinary Nurse,  Childsmile Consultant,  Police Diver,  Mathieson’s Baker, Glisten Hairdresser, Scottish Prison Service  Officer, the Marketing Manager from the Helix and a farmer from RHET accompanied by Valerie, the Forth Valley model Cow!

The young people were a real credit to their schools and following the highly successful event, our partners at Scottish Prison Service said they would be delighted to welcome pupils back.

Enterprise in Education & Enterprise Champion Awards 2013

Lynne Lauder, Enterprise Co-ordinator and Daniel Barrie, Quality Improvement Officer, Curriculum Support team are busy preparing for the next round of Enterprise in Education and Enterprise Champion Awards.  

The Awards which were launched in November 2006  have proved very successful over the years allowing schools to celebrate excellent practice in Enterprise in Education.   The young people have a key role to play in the awards and benefit from seeing the work they have been doing in school celebrated across the authority.

Schools should complete their checklist for the appropriate level of Award, Gold; Gold Year 2; Gold Year 3 or Platinum and submit it along with a folder of evidence.  The portfolio should also include Enterprise Champion nominations for individuals ( not employees of Falkirk Council) who have motivated and inspired young people to be more enterprising.  Falkirk employees should be recognised through the  Learning to Achieve process. Schools aiming for Platinum Status will be invited to host a  half day Quality Assurance visit.

This link will take you to information on the Enterprise in Education pages of Glow which may help in preparing a submission.

The timetable for this year is as follows.

Date Activity
29th April 2013 Submissions delivered to Room 18 Camelon Education Centre
3rd May 2013 Notification send to schools where submission fails to meet standards
Week commencing 6th May 2013 Programme of Platinum School visits commences
31st May 2013 All visits completed and schools invited to attend Awards event
12th June 2013 Enterprise and Champion Awards Event

Enterprising Approaches to Skills Development

January 2013 saw the Primary Probationer Teachers undertaking Enterprising Approaches to Skills Development facilitated by Lynne Lauder, Enterprise Co-ordinator and arranged by Hazel Cunningham and Clare McEwan, Probationer Supporters of the Curriculum Support Team.

The sessions were active and engaging and  all activities came from enterprise resources which are currently available in Falkirk Schools. 

The Probationers were working against the clock and having to be very creative and supportive of each other.  Thinking ‘out of the box’ was the order of the day and this brought with it much laughter and fun.  There was of course a serious message  as the  teams reviewed their work (and teamwork) to identify the skills they had been utilising and developing through engaging in the tasks.

The photographs  show teams using balloons to create a sculpture which reflects the Spirit of Falkirk and then the identified skills pinned up on the whiteboards.

The session included the ‘Shift Happens’ video which brought home the fact that we are preparing young people for jobs that don’t yet exist. Using technologies that haven’t been invented in order to solve problems we don’t even know exist yet.