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Recent Posts

Play is the Way 2020-2021 Update

June 23, 2021

As we approach the end of a another school year the time has come to look back and reflect on our successes and plans for… Read more

Marvellous Mealtimes

June 21, 2021

As most of you begin to get ready for the 21-22 session, I am sure Marvellous Mealtimes will be one of the approaches at the… Read more

Virtual Nature School at Dunipace ELC Class

June 1, 2021

Over the space of six weeks, Dunipace nursery have been taking part in Claire Warden’s ‘Virtual Nature Schools training’ Cohort 3. The course is completed… Read more

Harnessing Hygge in the Early Years

May 24, 2021

Hi everyone, my name is Paula Buist and I’m the SEYO at Stenhousemuir Primary. I’m really happy to have been asked to share some information… Read more

A Pedagogue Ponders…

April 1, 2021

A Pedagogue Ponders… Hello! Some of you may already know me and for others I may be a relatively new face. I have recently just… Read more

Family Songs at Home

March 22, 2021

#Sway7 #SingatHomeFC Let’s get creative and sing into Spring with a wonderful traditional nursery rhyme, our YMI tutor Laura sings “Humpty Dumpty”. Our speech and… Read more

Family Songs at Home

March 8, 2021

#Sway6 #SingatHomeFC Let’s get creative and encourage as much singing and chatting as we can, our YMI tutors Yorick and Cameron share “Chatter on the… Read more

Family Songs at Home

February 20, 2021

#Sway5 #SingatHomeFC Team Falkirk as we welcome our children back are we ready to join in to help spread the joy and love of singing… Read more

Falkirk Families Play is the Way

February 8, 2021

How will we play today? The Falkirk early learning central team and Falkirk early years pedagogues are working to produce a series of posters to… Read more

Falkirk Family Songs at Home

January 31, 2021

#Sway4 #SingatHomeFC Team Falkirk- are we ready to join in to help spread the joy and love of singing with our ELC families #SingAtHomeFC?   … Read more

Sing at Home Sway 3

January 18, 2021

#Sway3 #SingatHomeFC Campaign! Team Falkirk- are we ready to join in to help spread the joy of singing with our #SingAtHomeFC?   As we celebrate… Read more

Falkirk Early Years Blether Sessions

January 11, 2021

  We hope you are all safe and well. Things are a little different once again but we are heartened to see teams pull together… Read more

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