4 thoughts on “EM P1-4 Blog Entry 26th June 2020”

  1. What a lovely last blog for the 19/20 session, Mrs MacKinnon. I want to wish all children, parents and especially you, Mrs M, a wonderful holiday. Everyone deserves a nice chill out, lots of lovely adventures and some summer time fun.

    I’ve enjoyed seeing all Rosie’s classmates on VScene and in the blogs these past few months, and it’s kept her focused too. I’m off to clear all the books and laptops away to reclaim my dining table! SUMMMMMER!!! Enjoy, everyone…

  2. WOW everyone has been super busy .Hope you all have a super holiday and the sun shines! Mrs Mackinnon keep that baking going your going to be Mary Berry of Harris😂😂

    1. Well I’ve been given a beautiful new baking tin as a present from Michael!
      No excuses – I’m going to use it for my baking!
      Mrs Mackinnon 😜

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