4 thoughts on “EM P1-4 Blog Entry 27th March 2020”

  1. We’ve had terrible problems with our internet this week so haven’t managed many online activities – let alone livestreaming PE – but after a discussion with tooway, and paying a small fortune today we hope to be more active online next week and for next term! Cristina

    Rosie says:
    Did you know that bones are hollow – some have marrow in them. We sawed some to find out. The dogs let us use their bones.

    1. Good! I knew there would be a few teething problems this week!
      Keep working on the bone facts Rosie – you are going to know such a lot by the time we see each other next!
      Mrs Mackinnon

  2. We’d love a shout out from Joe! 😍. Internet been crazy here too and we didn’t always manage the 9am live (for one reason or another! 🙈) but great to catch up later in the day on YouTube. Thanks again Mrs Mackinnon for keeping us connected to each other with the blog. Hope you’re able to have a relaxing 2 week break.

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