2 thoughts on “EM P1-4 Blog Entry 13th December 2019”

  1. You guys put on an amazing performance! I had been in bed poorly for a week, and thought I might miss out… But I’m so glad I made the effort to be there as you really brightened my week. Great acting, dancing and singing – made me very proud of all of you! And I love the programme sent home this afternoon, we’ll keep it forever.
    Rosie was excited to share the tooth from the sperm whale, which beached on Seilebost. During the post mortem (when they looked into why the whale had died) Archie and Rosie were so enthralled and asked so many questions that they were gifted this tooth. Not many people have these, as all parts of the whale is protected by law, so they are very lucky. I’m sure Rosie will tell you the reason it died, if she hasn’t already.
    Enjoy the last few days before the holidays – looks like everyone, including Mrs MacKinnon, deserves a restful break with lots of festive fun. Hope you all have a lovely break.
    Rosie’s Mum!

    1. Thank you for such a lovely comment Cristina – I hope you are feeling better!
      We have heard all about the whale’s tooth from Rosie it is certainly very interesting.
      I am so glad you enjoyed the performance – I know the children enjoyed the story and the music!
      Mrs Mackinnon

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