6 thoughts on “EM P1-4 Blog Entry 15th March 2019”

    1. We can take one of you for this week’s blog Kirsty. Don’t worry – you can remind me this week.
      Mrs Mackinnon

  1. You are such a busy bunch!

    It’s great to see everything my kids talk about in action, this blog is a great way to let parents know what you are up to and I’m sure I’m not the only one who uses it.

    Rosie has LOVED having a whole book to read and finishing last phonics book – wants to start my novels now! She was keen to use Wordshark at home… But we struggled to find it? Please send a link and any login details.

    Really interested in seeing your ‘concentration boards’ which really fit into my enquiry topic on my teacher training course! I gain something from every blog I look at in that respect. Thank you P1-4 and Mrs MacKinnon!

    1. No problem Cristina! We are so glad you like the blog and confirm you use it – so it is a worthwhile activity!
      Unfortunately Wordshark is only available in school to the best of my knowledge. The authority has paid for schools to have licences for it I think, so I’m sorry I could not be more helpful there.
      Mrs Mackinnon

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