4 thoughts on “P1-4 EM Blog Entry 1st March 2019”

  1. What a busy bunch you are!
    Archie and Rosie have some potato planting to do at home this week – I’ll be able to let them take charge as they’ve already been taught how to do it! Thank you!
    Lovely to see all those happy faces learning in such active and engaging ways.

    1. Thank you Cristina! I think Archie and Rosie have enjoyed all the work we have been doing! It has certainly been a busy few weeks!
      Mrs Mackinnon

  2. They certainly seem to, from what they’re telling us at home!
    I should also have mentioned, on knowing that you’ve been remembering the Iolaire disaster, that their great, great grandfather (on dad’s side) was a survivor of the Iolaire – he was the last off the ship – Donald Macrae. He was 28 years old at the time of the disaster, and before that he’d been a gunner in the Navy and worked on many ships, some of which were hit by the enemy – he survived all of this, and the Iolaire disaster, and married in Leurbost, starting a family which would eventually include Archie and Rosie. If it wasn’t for this brave sailor then Archie and Rosie wouldn’t be here today… Many families are affected by the loss of loved ones in the disaster, but we’re all affected by the survival of this incredibly brave man, in having Archie and Rosie to deal with every day!!!

    1. Thanks very much Cristina for this information.
      Archie has been telling us about this, but you have been able to fill in the details for us – so thank you very much for this!
      Mrs Mackinnon

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