14 thoughts on “Weekly News”

  1. Really enjoyed helping you all start off you Elmer topic a few weeks ago… lovely to see how it’s developed into such a great workshop! Really great exposure for kids in a local Harris school. Love the photos!

  2. Great to see all the pictures of us this week.
    This has been my favourite topic, and I’m really looking forward to the ballet performance next month.

  3. we’ve done alot of work this week guys. We defenetly deserve a holiday! I will miss you guys when i’m in Canada. But I will still use this website OK

    1. …And we will miss you too Archie!
      I think we all deserve a holiday – everyone has worked really hard!
      Mrs Mackinnon

  4. Your dramatic presentation certainly showed how hard you all had worked. It was excellent. Thank you so much for letting me join in.

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