***I have given any children experiencing technical issues a chance to complete their ICT task in school today. Numeracy and Literacy tasks can be completed without accessing Teams this week. Until everyone is able to access Teams from home we will post homework here on the blog and items which would be submitted through Teams should be emailed to the class email address Kh6a@kirkhill.e-renfrew.sch.uk***

Spelling – Access https://www.spellingcity.com/users/MrsKHorne, select the correct lists use spellingcity’s games to help you learn your words. Each week you are also to learn five words that you have selected yourself with the spelling rule taught on Mondays. These will not be on spelling city. Instead practise the rule making your words using active strategies (writing words on a partners back to guess, make with pasta or play doh, rainbow writing, cheerleading the words etc…). You do not hand evidence of this in to school. It should be short, fun and engaging. You will complete a short dictation which uses words of a similar difficulty, though not the 5 specific words, which follow the spelling rule on Fridays.

Numeracy – Create a question to investigate in your home (e.g. How Many Windows Are in Each Room in My Home? How Many Walls Are in Each Room in My Home. Which Colours Decorate the Walls in My Home?). Create a list or table to help you tally your results. You have the choice of using excel or paper to create a graph of your findings. Remember your success criteria (title, axes labelled across the lines and titled, correct information displayed, scale equally spaced etc…). You don’t need to colour in your graph but can if you like. Please bring in your graph, or submit it here. You don’t need to hand in your notes.

Other Area – ICT Spreadsheets. Using the formula we learned last week in ICT complete the answer cells on the spreadsheet attached. (Remember the computer will complete the calculation for you!)

3. Recap Challenge – new