Homework – Due Friday 13th

Homework is now available to view on Microsoft Teams. This week we are investigating our home to create a graph, completing a spreadsheet using formula used in class and using https://www.spellingcity.com/users/MrsKHorne to practise our spelling rule.

Homework is always explained clearly and carefully in class on either Friday or Monday to ensure understanding, but if they forget anything we are happy to discuss this again.

All children have checked again that they are able to access glow. A few passwords have been changed over the last two weeks to two words with no capitals and one space, to aid recall.  Please check your child is able to open their homework at home, and understands their tasks each Monday night. This will allow us time to arrange computer access over the week if neccessary. It can be completed any night Monday – Thursday but we recommend not leaving it to Thursday night as homework can be time consuming. Recommended length, set out in our school Homework Policy, is 20-30 minutes a night for P5 and P6. If you find tasks are taking your child too long please just stop and send in a short note.

Occassionally there may be events happening at home over the week. We both completely understand this. A short note on Friday explaining this is why homework could not be completed on time is perfect. If your child is repeatedly stuggling with homework, please do contact us so that we can help but hopefully this will not be the case.