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For when you don’t know what to say…

Realising you may be struggling with your mental health is one thing.  Going and speaking to someone about it is quite another.  How brilliant of the Mental Health Foundation – recognising this is a huge stumbling block for many, they have developed a resource to guide you through a visit to your GP to talk about your mental health.


This simple guide could make all the difference.  Please pass it on.

Looking after your wellbeing


Anyone can be adversely affected by stress at any time of the year, but rushing towards the end of term and the festive season can be enough to give even the most chilled, sleepless nights.

What better time to share a link you may already have seen to a bunch of excellent podcasts that can help with a range of topics – from sleep, mindfullness, stress and relaxation to some positive encouragement for the New Year, New You resolutions you may already be thinking about.

The Mental Health Foundation is a great website with a wealth of information – well worth a look.  Here are the links to the website and to the podcasts.

Have a healthy, happy and restorative festive season.