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Do you come here often?

Each year at this time in St Luke’s, I co-faciltate an S6 alcohol/keeping safe session with the Campus Cop and Pupil Support staff.  I blogged about it last year – here is a reminder of their tips for how to keep themselves safe.

What keeps me safe when I’m out?

  • eat beforehand x7
  • buy your own drinks x2
  • don’t drink to keep up with the crowd
  • get a taxi home
  • keep your drink with you @ all times
  • stay with your pals x11
  • know your alcohol limits x7
  • tell someone what time you should be home x3
  • tell your parents the truth about where you are going x4
  • have a phone with you
  • have an ICE number in your phone (incase of emergency) x3
  • keep in contact with guardians
  • sort out a lift home
  • don’t walk home from parties
  • don’t go away with a stranger
  • know when enough is enough
  • don’t walk home yourself
  • know how you’re getting home
  • don’t mix your drinks
  • drink a litre of water when you get home so you’re not hungover
  • make sure your phone is charged
  • if you feel too drunk – stop!

The Drinkaware website has a wealth of information and advice, but this year they have also developed a free app, aimed at young people, to help them stay safe and connected, whilst they party.  Use the link below to download the app.


Glasgow City Council also have a NiteZone initiative to help you get home safely after a night out in the City.  Use the link for further info and to follow them on Facebook.


To get them in the mood, our lesson starter with the St Luke’s S6 group is to share their best and worst chat up lines.  Here are my favourites from this year.

  • Do you want to come back to mine and do all the things I’m going to tell my mate we did anyway..?
  • If I could rearrange the alphabet, I’d put you and I together..  🙂

I know which one would be more likely to work on me..  Have a safe, sensible festive season.

Hair of the dog…

It’s Alcohol Awareness Week.  Some think it’s important to have a focus for health topics @ particular times of the year – others think they should be permeated throughout the year.  I think what’s most important is that health topics are raised, giving staff and students the opportunity to discuss and learn about ways to look after their health.

Here are two weblinks to resources for alcohol awareness:



St Luke’s High seniors did a project a few years ago where they researched & discussed how to keep safe on a night out, which may or may not include drinking alcohol.  They produced this great resource, please feel free to share. Clink on the link to open. 

Top Tips for a safe night out

The lovely dog below is part of alcohol concern’s current campaign encouraging us to talk about alcohol.  Check it out, the web address is above.