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Shh! Silence helps homophobia


LGBT Youth Scotland’s new campaign –Shh! Silence Helps Homophobia – asks people to stand up and speak out against homophobia in Education.  The campaign will feature as part of all LGBT Youth Scotland’s education activities for 2014-15.

Homophobia often goes unchallenged, as people are unsure or afraid to name it. As a result, many people either choose to ignore homophobic situations altogether or deal with the situation without mentioning the real issue- homophobia.

This campaign aims to highlight the importance of naming homophobia and giving a clear message that it is never acceptable.

Central to the campaign is the Shh! Silence helps homophobia film, which has been developed with support from the Fife Cultural Partnerships Fund created by the Fife LGBT Youth group, ‘Flavours of Fife’, who scripted it and got funding for a film, which is now being rolled out nationally as part of LGBT Youth Scotland’s education campaign.

The film takes us through a young person’s experience of homophobia at school, asking us ‘What could be done differently?’.

Stand Up, Speak Out

The film gives the clear message that doing nothing fuels homophobia – Shh! Silence helps homophobia asks us to stand up, speak out. The film is ultimately a call to action and shows us that we can all make a difference in an LGBT young person’s life. We can challenge homophobia when we see it and refuse to stay silent.

See the film and get more info from the LGBT Youth Scotland website https://www.lgbtyouth.org.uk/