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Young Enterprise, hard at work

Whilst at Mearns Castle High during the recent inservice, I came across these three lovely S5 students, busy washing staff cars in the car park.

They explained their early start back at school and car washing efforts were to raise funds for a trip.  As part of their work with the World Challenge initiative, the girls will join a larger group next summer and travel to India to help less fortunate children, whilst learning valuable life and leadership skills that will help them on their journey into adulthood and learning beyond school.

They need to raise £2000 to fund the trip and their car washing efforts over the two days had seen them net over £150.

Imagine giving up the final two days of your holiday to come back to school, get wet and dirty, all in the name of raising money to help those less fortunate.  A trip to India is a wonderful opportunity for anyone but I can’t help but admire their commitment and enterprising attitudes.

These students will go far – even further than India I would wager.

If you’re interested in World Challenge, check out their website.


St Luke’s show us how to do Anything

St Luke’s High in Barrhead hosts an I Can Do Anything day each year for their S2 students. A bunch of professionals are invited to spend the morning with the students, telling them about their profession and what they need to succeed. The professionals at the most recent event included a pilot; a nurse; a social worker; an IT specialist; a rock band; a police officer and a welfare rights officer, to name but a few. A lot of what the students learn from each professional is different – but a lot of what they hear throughout the morning is the same…  Adele Simpson, Principal Teacher of Enterprise & Creativity explains. Click the soundcloud link below.


The student evaluation also shows how worthwhile an event of this nature is in helping them to get to grips with the transferable skills involved in the world of work.  And they thought it was great fun.  

SLH I Can Do Anything Pupil Eval Collated 2013

Finally – the all important slide that focussed the group discussions and kept the students on track.

I’m sure there are a whole host of examples of similar work going on in other secondaries.  Why don’t you get in touch with me so I can share your good practice too.