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You dropped something…..

Along with pupil support staff and the campus cop, Gordon Sweeney, I’ve just done an alcohol awareness session with S6 @ St Luke’s High.  Given the students will have done many years of alcohol lessons in school, my premise for this session was to facilitate a sharing of knowledge, fill in the blanks and correct any myths.  Do I sound like a teacher yet…..?

With around 45 students, we ran the session as a big group, keeping it  informal and discussion based and using post-it notes and flipchart as our resources.  Here’s how it went:

Things you know about alcohol – good and bad (on separate flipcharts)

Good 🙂

  • you can have a good time because you don’t care
  • it turns me into a DJ
  • jagermiester tastes awesome
  • it’s easier to fall in love
  • it makes you sociable x3
  • it makes you more confident x8
  • it makes you funny
  • it relaxes you
  • it makes you a great dancer

Bad 🙁

  • it can make you vulnerable to sexual assualt
  • you take risks you usually wouldn’t
  • hangover!  x5
  • it makes you more vulnerable x2
  • you get angry/sad easily
  • it makes you sick
  • it makes you do stupid things
  • you can take a whitey x3
  • it makes you put on weight
  • you could end up with kids x2
  • it can be dangerous & make you do things you may regret later
  • more likely to fall to peer pressure
  • its bad for your health
  • it costs money
  • it can ruin your life
  • it can make you cringe @ what you said and did
  • you don’t remember kissing that girl

What keeps me safe when I’m out?

  • eat beforehand x7
  • buy your own drinks x2
  • don’t drink to keep up with the crowd
  • get a taxi home
  • keep your drink with you @ all times
  • stay with your pals x11
  • know your alcohol limits x7
  • tell someone what time you should be home x3
  • tell your parents the truth about where you are going x4
  • have a phone with you
  • have an ICE number  in your phone (incase of emergency) x3
  • keep in contact with guardians
  • sort out a lift home
  • don’t walk home from parties
  • don’t go away with a stranger
  • know when enough is enough
  • don’t walk home yourself
  • know how you’re getting home
  • don’t mix your drinks
  • drink a litre of water when you get home so you’re not hungover
  • make sure your phone is charged
  • if you feel too drunk – stop!

I always find this methodology works well.  It allows me to check where the students are with the subject matter and my job is merely to fill in the blanks – agreeing with what they got right and challenging their misconceptions.  As I suspected, they  know plenty about alcohol and safety but this served as a reminder @ a really important time.

In order to set the scene, our icebreaker asked the question “what are the best & worst chat up lines you’ve ever used – or heard?”  This one is my favourite. 

We can always learn from each other – be careful out there!