Week 1 of Google Classroom – P4b

P4b have done a brilliant job of navigating round Google Classroom this week.  We have enjoyed having our daily check-ins with our 10:30 chats and debates and sharing all of our creations on the stream with our peers.

This week we have been growing words with silent letters and practising our spelling through quizzes, crosswords and a teacher video dictation.  In writing, we have continued with non-fiction features and persuasive language by creating a leaflet to advertise regular hand washing.


In maths we have been practising multiplying, dividing, adding and subtracting through Sumdog, Google quizzes, Beat Google Nest video tasks and problem solving activities.

In Science, we recapped that vibrations are what make sound and carried out experiments to show this.  Some of us then made our own musical instruments as evidence.

In Expressive Arts, we continued practising 3 of our show songs (which we are now getting very good at) and enjoyed learning to draw a sunset pier to develop our skills using the visual elements, tone, colour and pattern.


Our task within Social Studies this week was favoured by many.  We have been learning about WW2 so made an Anderson Shelter.  Some people said they liked this because it was crafty and they liked using different materials.  Some of us used Lego or Duplo, others used recycled packaging and many people opted to use household items like pillows, blankets and clothes horses to create a human-sized shelter.  All were very unique and imaginative!




These are just SOME of the many activities we have taken part in throughout the week.  We have also been drawing rainbows to put in our windows to spread hope and happiness in our streets, exercising by walking, running, cycling and participating in Joe Wicks workouts and enhancing our life skills by helping around the house hoovering, cooking and sock pairing.



Miss Murchie – “Well done P4b.  You have made a wonderful start to using Google Classroom this week and I look forward to seeing what you say, write, make and do next week.  Thank you to parents/carers and sub-school teachers for all their help and support too.”

P4’s Perfect Props in Preparation for Super Show

P4 are putting on a show on 31st March and 1st April about WW2.  It is called Treachery at Traitor’s Quay. It’s about children during World War 2 evacuating from Glasgow to Largs.  There is a German spy and everyone is trying to find out WHO IT IS!  We have been practising many songs and we hope you enjoy the show.

As we have a show coming up very soon, we have been doing some artwork to make props.  Some of us wrote and designed postcards and to make them look a bit old, we dipped teabags in water and dabbed it on to turn it a peachy/ brown colour.  Some of us also scrunched up the postcards to make it look creased and old.  We also made ‘tin’ hats for the air-raid wardens and we did this by using paper mache.  When the newspaper has dried, we will pop the balloons and paint our hats a browny/goldy colour.  After that, we will use string or ribbon for the strap.  Another group made gas mask boxes by folding 2 pieces of paper and making cuboids.  We will add a strap to them for the evacuees to carry.

P4b Spring Poetry

Today in Literacy, we were writing poetry about Spring.  Some people included alliteration and adjectives to make the poem more interesting and descriptive.  P4b also focused on trying to make their poetry rhyme. Some rhyming structures are AABB, ABAB, ABBA or AAAA.  We also tried to include similes, onomatopoeia and thoughts and feelings.

9 beautiful rabbits eating orange carrots, Flying past were colourful parrots. 5 fluffy chicks playing in the grass, Someone picked them up and it was a little lass.




Thinking Day

In school on Friday, some children were wearing their Brownie, Cubs, Guides, Rainbows, Scouts or Beavers uniform to represent Thinking Day.  Some of the clubs are also raising money for charities and some of the charities include raising money for Australia or the Toilet Twinning charity, to help other people.

Fantastic Feelings of Awesome Art

This week in Art we used the feeling words that we wrote last time to draw pictures which would make us feel that feeling.  Some examples are:

  • Portraying feeling warm – picture of a cat infront of a fire.
  • Portraying happiness – picture of a garden with flowers and trees.
  • Portraying sadness – picture of someone getting bullied, picture of a person in the forest and there was a dead turtle and trees were cut down.
  • Portraying loneliness – picture of a person sitting on a bench by themselves whilst others were playing.
  • Portraying feeling relaxed – picture of a person walking in the park on a windy day.
  • Portraying feeling terrified – picture of a monster.
  • Portraying feeling curious – picture of the back of a person looking into the woods and there was a monster’s hand and puddle of blood.

We used bright colours for the pictures making us feel a positive feeling and darker colours and shades for the pictures making us feel a negative feeling.

Therapy Pigs for the Win Win!

This week we have been writing about Therapy Pigs.  We were taking notes about how Therapy Pigs calm people down and stop them from being nervous. They can support people with autism and anxiety by helping them get over their fears such as going outside, starting new clubs and flying.  Therapy Pigs can calm you down and distract you before a test and boost children’s confidence to make friends.  With all of our notes we wrote a persuasive letter to Mrs Shaw (Director of Education) to ask for a therapy pig in Crookfur Primary. Some of our reasons as to why Crookfur should have a therapy pig were;

  • There’s lots of space outside to keep the pigs
  • We have 2 sheds so have storage to keep their food and bedding
  • They can calm down teachers who are stressed
  • They would excite all the children
  • There’s lots of trees for shade
  • There is a very muddy woodland area for the pigs to roll around in
  • The Therapy Pigs can cheer people up in the playground

We really hope we can get a Therapy Pig! 🙂

P4b’s Fantastic Feelings About Art

This week we have been doing art.  In art we have been looking at the pictures and deciding how we feel about it.  We looked at a picture which had elderly people floating in the air holding umbrellas and dancing.  We think it was raining or snowing and there was a reflection from the umbrellas.  We discussed how this piece of art made us feel such as joyful,  happy, excited and maybe even sad because the characters could be lost.  It made us feel happy because the characters looked like they were having fun, the characters looked like they were together as friends, the artist used bright colours such as orange, light blue, red, yellow etc.  and many of the colours were the primary colours.  The other piece of art included lots of people walking in the rain and were also holding umbrellas.  This picture mainly made us feel unhappy, sad, scared or bored because the colours were dark and there wasn’t many bright colours, the characters looked sad themselves and looked as though they were walking alone.  Next week we will be choosing a random feeling written by one of our peers and we are going to draw a picture which would make us feel that feeling.

Preparation for Burns and Chinese New Year on 25th January

In Art we were making fans just like the fans in China of which we added drawings of flowers, bamboo and some animals which represent Chinese New Year such as a rabbit, rat, ox, tiger, pig, sheep, horse, monkey, dog, dragon and snake.  The day before Chinese New Year they give the house a good clean and decorate the house with red Chinese decorations such as lanterns and signs.  Red is the main colour which stands for good luck.

In maths we were doing word problems related to Robert Burns.  In one of our word problems we used our chance and uncertainty skills when discussing the chance of picking someone called Elizabeth to play with.  Of the 7 daughters Robert Burns had 5 of them were called Elizabeth and the other 2 were called Francis and Jean.  The chance of playing with an ‘Elizabeth’ is very likely. We also learned that he died when he was 37 .  One groups’s question said his age was 3 tens and 7 units and the other group’s clue included a number line with the year he was born and the year he died.  We added on in tens and units.

P4b’s Perfect P.E. with a Fortnight of Fabulous Tennis

In P.E. we were learning how to use the tennis racket and how to hold it as if shaking someone’s hand.  We learned that you have to hold it top the side and flick your wrist.  We split into groups of 3 of our choice and had a job each.  The runner, the batter, the baller. The baller’s job was to throw the ball and the batter’s job was to hit it back to the baller.  The runner’s job was to catch the ball when it bounced it in a different direction.  We discussed that in tennis the proper name for the runner is the ball boy or the ball girl.