Therapy Pigs for the Win Win!

This week we have been writing about Therapy Pigs.  We were taking notes about how Therapy Pigs calm people down and stop them from being nervous. They can support people with autism and anxiety by helping them get over their fears such as going outside, starting new clubs and flying.  Therapy Pigs can calm you down and distract you before a test and boost children’s confidence to make friends.  With all of our notes we wrote a persuasive letter to Mrs Shaw (Director of Education) to ask for a therapy pig in Crookfur Primary. Some of our reasons as to why Crookfur should have a therapy pig were;

  • There’s lots of space outside to keep the pigs
  • We have 2 sheds so have storage to keep their food and bedding
  • They can calm down teachers who are stressed
  • They would excite all the children
  • There’s lots of trees for shade
  • There is a very muddy woodland area for the pigs to roll around in
  • The Therapy Pigs can cheer people up in the playground

We really hope we can get a Therapy Pig! 🙂